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Rhodia Classic ePure A5 pad cover No.16

Rhodia Classic ePure A5 pad cover No.16

£11.95 RRP: £12.95
Free UK Delivery over £10
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Reviews (10)

The smartest way to look after your Rhodia notepads. These elegant and hard-wearing leather-like notepad covers take an A5 No.16 Rhodia notepad. The cover comes with a single lined Rhodia notepad, and replacement pads are available.

The Rhodia A5 No.16 pads feature:

  • Good quality 80gsm vellum paper
  • Head-stapled pads
  • Micro-perforated sheets for easy-removal
  • These pads have 80 sheets.

Cover: 155 x 223mm

A5 pad: 148 x 210mm

5 Average Rating 5/5 (10 reviews)
5 stars Essential for the Rhodia User Written by

As a user of fountain pens and Rhodia pads I stumbled across this and bought it. Quite simply, it is a brilliant companion to the already amazing Rhodia Notepads. These covers come in a wide variety of sizes to fit the Rhodia Head-Stapled Notepads. These pads are reporter style, as in they are bound at the top. The Rhodia pads are renowned for their paper quality, they easily cope with very wet fountain pens and come in a variety of sizes and rulings. Personally I use the 5x5mm dots, a perfect halfway house between lines and blank, I can write, doodle, do scale drawings, anything really. I use the no 16 pads and carry one all the time when at work. I often use it at home to when doing research, taking notes etc. As my pads get quite dog-eared I thought this cover was worth a go. The cover will snugly hold your pad. There is really no movement when the pad is in there, the card at the back of the pad slips into a pocket in the cover that covers about 3/4 of the rear of your pad. The rest of the cover comes over the top and, whilst you can hook your pads front cover into the pocket I prefer to keep mine out. If you do tuck it in and slide it deep enough to shut the whole thing you end up with a kink in the cover when you open the pad, its a little hard to explain but if you try it you will see what I mean. I now use the front pocket for bits of paper, business cards etc. There is also a pen holder to the right hand side, it lies very flat when not in use, so much so I couldn't even see it when I first got the cover as it was tucked underneath the included pad. The holder is good for a pencil or thin biro but fountain pens struggle, my Pelikan M200 is hardly the biggest pen in the world but it won't fit in. What this cover does is protect your pad, keep it in good condition and helps the corners from getting creased and bashed. The cover is just a little bit bigger than the pad it holds, so it protects it but is not so big that the cover will get creased. The low-key stamped Rhodia logo is stealth-cool, really nice touch. I totally love this cover and it elevates the Rhodia pad to an even greater plane. If you are a bit of a stationery geek you will realise that all of the guys who blog and do video reviews of fountain pens (yes, there are really people like that out there) you will see that they almost all use Rhodia notepads. There is a reason for this, they are the best. Totally recommend this product, can't say enought good things about it.

5 stars A5/No16 Rhodia Block Pad Cover Written by

This is just right if you use the #16 Block Pads. If you use the Pads for any type of legal activity you will need the Legal Pad which doesnt have perforations to tear out pages. I bought the lined pad with the perforations because I always get someone wanting instructions etc. I bought the Rhodia Pads because of my fountain pens use which I use as much as possible and this paper is used by sbre brown and FP Geeks on You Tube in their reviews. The cover; its a little on the floppy side it doesnt give support to the Block Pad but after all, it is a cover. I placed a same size piece of card in the over cover part to make it a little more stiff, and to use as a guard if its possible to do so, a same size piece of blotting paper and a couple of contact cards email address etc. Very pleased with the cover as it gives a good presentation to your note taking.

5 stars Fabulous! Written by

I am so pleased with this cover. I only discovered the wonders of Rhodia paper a couple of weeks ago, and now with the cover I've found the perfect notebook. It can be used on your lap, is small enough for use in cafes and it is well protected and looks smart. I think a Papelote elastic strap would be a useful addition to keep the pad closed in my bag, but not necessary. Just a good excuse for my next purchase!

5 stars Rhodia A5 pad Written by

Great quality paper, tear out sheets!

5 stars Rhodora Classic ePUre A5 pad cover no.16 Written by

Excellent quality ideal for daily use. As a left hander I find writing in a book with a spine on the left to be a pain. This top bound pad is therefore a joy to use

5 stars For rhodias on the go Written by

Comes with a rhodia n16 pad.. Fits tight but very well... Will make your rhodia pad look ok even on the go... Plus it has a pencil strap which is a nice but for most useful addition

5 stars Excellent Quality Written by

Excellent quality. Very professional. Well worth the money. Excellent customer services.

5 stars Got it covered! Written by

Rhodia pads are great already, but even better when you have this nice cover to protect them. Saves you from tattered and ripped covers, and pen-loop as well! Reasonable price, and pad included.

1 stars ePURE A5 Cover design problem Written by

The cover is too narrow, as result it is an excessively tight fit on the pad. The supplied pad is difficult to remove, it is very difficult to insert a replacement, and more or less impossible to do so without damaging the new pad. All in all a condiderable disappointment.

Bureau replies.....

Sorry to hear that the cover was a disappointment. We have played around with the pad covers here at Bureau and whilst they can be a little tight to start with, we found they do stretch and we managed to fit our new pad in fine.

5 stars perfect Written by

This cover is just what i need for my notebooks. I love it.

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Do you have these in orange

Bureau replies... currently we only sell these singly in black but we can get them as a pack of five in orange. Same individual price but you have to have five covers. Sorry about that.

Hello. Does this cover fold back on itself? Thank you.

Bureau Direct replies...

The Rhodia Classic ePure A5 pad covers do fold back on themselves although they will bend.

Do Rhodia do covers like this for the stapled cahier notebooks? Or do you know of anyone that does? I'm looking for a system like the Midori Traveller's Notebook but that doesn't rely on proprietary refills. Many thanks!

Bureau Direct replies...

Rhodia only offer pad covers that flip open, unfortunately they don't make covers that would be suitable for books.

Probably a stupid question but I just want to make sure, will this cover fit the Rhodia A5 legal pad? (

Bureau Direct replies....

Yes the Rhodia A5 Legal pad will fit into the Rhodia Classic ePure A5 pad cover No.16. We hope this helps!

will this cover fit the reporter pad : ?

Bureau Direct replies....

Unfortunately as the Rhodia Reporter pads have a spiral binding at the top of the pad, they won't fit inside the Rhodia Classic ePure A5 pad covers. Any pad that is the correct size but is head stapled will fit them. I hope this helps!

Would this cover fit the Rhodia R A5 notebooks I just ordered? Would be lovely if it did! Many thanks Steve

Hi there,

                           The Rhodia Classic ePure A5 pad cover No.16 would certainly fit a Rhodia R A5 pad inside very comfortably! I hope this helps!

Hi, can you tell me if you sell this A5 ePure cover in orange? And, is it possible to get them without pen loops? I have an old one and it has a pen loop that I never use. Many thanks.

Hi there,


                           We only keep the A5 ePure pad covers in Black in stock , and don't have any plans to introduce the Orange covers in this size to the range. We would be able to get these as a special order, although they are only available in packs of 5, please contact for details. The ePure pad covers now come with pen loops as a standard feature. I hope this helps!

Can you please email me the link to the replacement pads for this ites?

Hi there,


                          The link is as follows:  Hope this helps!

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