About Us

Who are we?

Bureau Direct is a family owned and run business that is independent, dedicated and responsive. We offer stylish and colourful stationery for both personal and business customers.

Bureau Direct is run by the brother-and-sister double act of Dominic and Jo Irons.

“I have a very old and fond memory of being on holiday in Italy when about 7 or 8 years old, and spending ages deciding what to spend my holiday money on. In the end I plumped for a lovely stationery set in a folding denim-style satchel with pens and pencils. It was probably awful and wouldn’t make it in the door here at Bureau Direct, but I sort of wish I still had it, and it is worrying that a stationery-bug set in so early in life” - Dominic 


The team today

Dominic Irons - Dominic looks after strategy, finance and marketing.

Jo Irons - Jo is responsible for choosing and curating all the wonderful stationery that you can see on our website. 

Kathy Irons - Kathy works on website maintenance and is to be spotted at the Bureau office once a week.

Faisal Reza - Faisal joined in November 2013 to work on the Corporate business, and he also puts on his finance hat and does the bookkeeping. And some rather nice photography.

Mishka Bielekova - Mishka joined in September 2014 and is already our stationery-expert-in-residence. Known as Stationery Yoda, Mishka manages customer services and ensures all orders and sent out correctly and on time.

Pawel Szulga - Pawel joined in August 2015 and is responsible for stock and the warehouse.

Des Robinson - Des joined in February 2016 and is responsible for getting your order out of the door.

Monica Devaney - Monica joined in April 2016 and works with Des getting orders picked and packed and out to you.

Armi Utrainen - Armi joined in September 2016 and works with Des and Monica as part of our excellent pick and despatch team.

Emma McNiven - Emma joined in November 2016 and heads up our Corporate B2B business, working with Faisal.

If you have any queries or concerns, or just want to talk stationery, please feel free to contact any of us.


A bit of history

The original Bureau shop was opened by Jo and Kathy in 1995 in Covent Garden in London. Rave reviews followed and several more sprung up in and around London, on London Wall, Kings Road, in Kingston and in Reading. The website took its first order in March 2003 of that year - a Beth bag in case you were wondering. In 2004 we decided to concentrate on the website and online trading, so it was a sad goodbye to the shop on Great Newport Street. Since then we have found our home nestling under the London Overground in Camden Town and more recently in the heady world of Acton, West London.

What are we?

At Bureau Direct our aim is to provide products that meet our 5 core aims:


Stationery doesn't have to be dull. We specialise in finding stationery that stands out, that makes a fashion statement, that you can feel proud to own and use.


We always make sure our stationery is chosen for how practical it is. Style and function can work together when well designed, and we offer a range of items that we hope will make a small difference to how you work.


Colour can make a huge a difference to the how you use stationery, and how it can help you. Choose colours to coordinate with your room, choose your corporate colours to reflect your image, use colour to make you stand out, or just choose a colour to cheer yourself up.


At Bureau we spend a lot of time in finding new products and ideas and bringing the best of what's available to you, under one roof. Stationery is not always the most innovative of areas but we believe that you will be surprised by what we can offer.


Finally, we also believe that everything we offer should represent good value. It may not be the cheapest stationery you can find, but it certainly isn't expensive, and most definitely represents good value-for-money. From the best of European notebooks to envelopes in almost any colour you desire, we offer great ideas at a good price.

Independent trading

We are an independent retailer, and we are proud of this. It means we have to keep on our toes, constantly finding new products and offering good service. Big chains are lazy and achieve little for the budgets spent, and yet it is increasingly difficult to survive against their dominance. Support independent retailers before they all disappear, unless you want to buy all your stationery from a large supermarket.

Customer service

True customer service has become lost over recent years, and as a result has come to mean remote call centres and automated telephone systems. It is a difficult time for independent retailers to survive and it is refreshing to find somewhere that still treats you individually. Call us and you will speak to one of the team. Usually you will speak to someone who can answer your query no matter what it is. Obviously we get it wrong sometimes, and our approach is not to everyone's liking, but we hope that most customers will appreciate the refreshing nature of our customer service. Treat people as you expect to be treated yourself.

And finally...

For full details on us please visit the Contact Us page. Please offer any feedback you have (all feedback is personally answered), and thank you.