Memory Lane...

No 10 Great Newport Street

The original shop


Having been reminded of the days when we had a shop, long before we had a website, I thought I would dig out one of the few photos we have. This tiny photo is of the very early days when the shop was heavily colour-themed with Biella stationery as you walked in, and before the need to survive watered down the range a bit. Stationery at its purest, you might say. If I can find any more images I will post them.

2 thoughts on “Memory Lane...”

  • JohnB

    Around 1998 I was studying at the London College of Printing. Myself and a very good friend (also a stationery addict) would go to your shop at least once a week. It was full of colour and good brands we couldn't get anywhere else. Today I get my stationery fix online and am very happy that you guys are on the Internet.

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