Bureau Direct - 10 Year Anniversary

March 2003 - March 2013

In March 2003 we took our first online order. To celebrate 10 years of selling online, bringing wonderful and exciting stationery to everyone and generally being an all-round nice company to deal with (we hope), we wanted to mark the occasion. Throughout March 2013 we will be running a competition to acknowledge this little milestone.

The idea is to post a daily competition on each day during March. A prize will be awarded each day - don't get too excited, it won't change your life. My guess is that the prize will involve stationery.... The competition is meant as a bit of fun, and will also hopefully weave a little bit of the history of Bureau in at the same time so it becomes a story as much as a competition. By the time April comes around you will feel you know us just a little bit better.

The first competition will go live on Friday. I should point out, in case it isn't already obvious, that this is very much a home-grown competition and it will be a bit haphazard at times. We are moving to new premises in the middle of the month so it really is madness to attempt to undertake a daily competition, but here goes.

The idea is to post a question each day at a set time, which will be announced the day before. You will only have one hour to solve the question. Some will be pretty easy, some a little bit more fiendish.  You can see today's question here.

Archived questions can be found here as well - click here to see all daily questions.

Full rules and details to be posted on our website - see here for details.

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