Lamy Safari Special Edition

2015 Update

I have written about this before, and each year I try to do an updated summary of the history of the latest special edition Lamy Safari fountain pen colour. 2015 is no different, and the trend continues this year with the addition of a matching ink.

This year I combined my very limited collection of Safari special editions (basically the orange pen) with Mishka's collection and we assembled it all with a Papelote Neoncoral book strap and a Leuchtturm white notebook.

So the revised list now is...

lamy neonlime safari2015 - neonlime

lamy safari neoncoral2014 - neoncoral

lamy safari neonyellow2013 - neonyellow

safari apple2012 - apple

lamy safari aqua2011 - aqua

lamy safari pink2010 - pink

safari orange2009 - orange

lamy safari lime2008 - lime

lamy safari black2007 - black

lamy safari white2007 - white

safari blue red2006 (?) - blue & red


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