Have you seen this tea?

Handwriting course week 2

14 days of drills and second lesson is done!

I am going to say it now - homework is taking way more time than expected.
When I started this 5 week Handwriting improvement course for adults I had to write an essay on what are my goals and why I want to do it. I could have opted for improving my block letters which are not as bad as my cursive, but that would be the easy way, not the right way. We all have different reasons why we do things. Mine is simply to get better at something that I like doing.

drills are starting to look symetrical #happy drills are starting to look symetrical #happy

The reason behind the blog post name? Nobody can read my T! This shocked me...
It's the way I was taught in school....writing is a habit, so right now my one and only goal is to retrain these habits and be in full control of what goes down on the paper. One week in and this new T is starting to grow on me. Another two letters that I'm changing are B and R. No matter how well I connect them, it just looks untidy. My tutor provided few options and I picked what suits me the best. Letter shopping tailored to my writing, I am enjoying this immensely! See you at the checkout, lol.

Next up: establish what is my biggest flaw.

My sizing and slant are OK. I have a general idea of what I want my handwriting to look like.
Seems like my writing is all over the place, but never on the line. Well, no surprise there, I have been using dot pads exclusively for quite a while now.

Shaky hand mystery solved: this happens when I write with my fingers (which only occurs when I focus too much). Also known as "the tongue comes out" syndrome :P

Neat little trick I picked up this week: if you tend to clutch the pen too hard or your hand gets tired too quickly, grab a soft ball and hold it in your palm while you write, works like a dream!

Best advice: Bye-bye dotpad, hello lined paper.

Shopping list:

Rhodia A4 pad (turns out wirebound notebooks bug me)

Gold nib* for Lamy Safari fountain pen
I know...gold nib on £13.95 pen sounds mad...but let me tell you this: I disagree with those who say that pen/nib are just tools and hand does all the work. Have a look for yourself ;)

cheating with flex pen cheating with flex pen

This week I have a question for you... What would be the first thing you would be willing to let go? Think about it and leave a comment below, I will be in touch.

Thank you for reading,

Mishka (^_~)

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* Please note that as per Lamy's instructions we are not offering gold nibs as a stand-alone item to buy. Mishka has organised this herself and at her own risk to her pens!

10 thoughts on “Have you seen this tea?”

  • Elizabeth Hogg
    Elizabeth Hogg May 12, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    It's funny that T is your problem. My mother tells me that whenever I handwrite I went to Tesco after church she sees the word as Jesus, But I like my cursive T!

  • Anne

    Loving the "tongue comes out" syndrome... Always good to have a name for what I "suffer" from... Will try the soft ball trick

  • James Marwood

    Those symmetrical patterns look great - very impressive.

    I've also been looking into alternative nibs for my Lamy fountain pen - the current one feels scratchy and doesn't always flow well. Let us know how you find the gold one!

    • Mishka

      Hi James, thank you! Lamy nibs can be a little scratchy - especially the finer ones... Have you heard about 8/infinity smoothing technique? Flow can be improved in many ways - best thing to do is to pull the feed out & soak it in water (I also recommend Herbin cleaning solution). Using different ink can help too. Those iroshizuku inks flow like there is no tomorrow ;) I really should write a blog post about all this...

      • James Marwood

        Hi Mishka - the cleaning solution and 8/infinity drills worked a treat. The pen is now flowing perfectly. I've got some Iroshizuku ink to try as well, just as soon as I've used up the Herbin.

        Thanks for the pointers,

        — James

        • Mishka

          Brilliant! :) Glad I could help. Iroshizuku will change everything ;) Can't wait to hear more about your experience...

  • Josh

    The article and drills inspire me. Then I saw the notebook used in the title picture that has the title of the article written in the notebook. What type of notebook is this? I have been searching for this type of lines/formatting for a long time in a notebook to no avail.
    Thank you!!

    • Mishka

      Thank you Josh :) I am so happy that you felt inspired after reading my story. The paper you are referring to is called seyes french grid, bureau sells a lot of different kinds. The one in the picture is for beginners (lines are wider) and there are 6 different stages. They come as a set or individually: http://www.bureaudirect.co.uk/clairefontaine-a5-childrens-handwriting-books/p3402

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