There's a Fjällräven for Everyone

fjallraven_team_steps A sunny day, perfect for showing off our new bags.

We always know a product is going to be popular when the staff at Bureau all descend on the delivery like buzzing wasps and then buy themselves one immediately. The Fjallraven backpacks are definitely in that category. With their trademark fox logo and retro-styling, these backpacks can be spotted all round London and beyond, such has been their cult success. For those of you not familiar with the brand, keep an eye out and soon you’ll notice the red and white logo standing out amongst all the other bags.

Four of us in the office couldn’t resist the temptation to get a Fjällräven for ourselves and we all wanted very different things, so to show you some of the great choices available and say a little bit about why we wanted them here are our Bureau Fjällräven staff picks:

Jo's Choice:

The Kanken No. 1 in black The Kanken No. 1 in black

Kanken in black

This is the classic bag which comes in 43 colours but I went for black because I always do. The pros of the bag are the fact that it is so light. Even when full it somehow feels a lot lighter than my old bag. Also you can unzip the front so that you can see right in to the bag, a bit like a suitcase, which makes it easy to find things.  And I like the red and white logo.

The cons are that the fabric is a little stiff though I know that they do soften up over time and also that the zip in the rectangular corners can be a little awkward. They do allow for a laptop to be carried though so worth it. I had thought that there wouldn’t be enough pockets to keep things in but that hasn’t proved a problem for me and I quite like the open side pockets for non-valuables such as an umbrella and headphones – easily accessed

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Isaac's Choice:

The Kanken No. 2 in green The Kanken No. 2 in green

As soon as I looked through the Fjallraven catalogue I knew which type of bag I wanted, the Kanken No. 2, with the same classic design it also comes with a few little upgrades that make it stand out for me. From the metal clasps and leather straps and emblem it takes the Fjallraven that extra mile, and so far I haven’t seen another person out there with one.

I went for the green colour, which is my favourite by a long stretch, although I would say the only downside is that you have a few less choices of colour with the No. 2 but it’s also made out of a slightly upgraded version of the G1000 material which I think feels and looks even better.

Apart from looking great, in more practical terms the No. 2 is lightweight, seems to always have enough space for everything I need, and even though my major worry was about the comfort of the straps I’ve actually never found them bothersome. However, if you did you can also buy Fjallraven designed pads for the straps

Overall it’s just a great bag, and one that looks good whether you’re out on a hike or on the commute to work.

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Mishka's Choice:

The Foldsack No. 1 in copper green The Foldsack No. 1 in copper green

Fjallraven Foldsack 1 was love at the first sight – it was the colour and retro look that got my attention.

I tend to pack everything I might need and turn my bag into something Mary Poppins would carry. The Fjallraven foldsack is a nice change; it looks and feels minimalistic compared to my other backpacks. There is a zipped pocket in the front which holds keys, headphones and spare batteries. Main compartment is secured with two S-shaped clasps – I have to use both hands to get in, which is a good thing because it feels secure and puts my mind to rest. The bag sits well and has slightly padded back and the straps are padded too and feel very comfortable.

Once the main flap opens you will see a big compartment with divider for magazines/paper pads (possibly smaller laptop too). Inner pocket has 2 clips so it can be extended a little. The bag is made out of Fjallraven’s G-1000 heavy duty poly-cotton fabric which should have good water resistance (it can be waxed to improve it too). However, I haven’t had the chance to test that yet due to a good weather spell :))
There is minimal branding, fox sigil, Swedish flag, G-1000 embroidered and clasps carry a brand name. This bag is slim and perfect for city life. Design really stands out. I have been using this bag for weeks, it is made well, easy to carry and I would 100% recommend it.

Don’t tell others I said that because there can only be one.

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Faisal's Choice:

The Raven 20L in Black The Raven 20L in Black

When it comes to a rucksack I need all the bells, whistles, pockets and zips. That’s why my pick is the Raven. (I actually picked the red coloured bag but for silly stock reasons, I am sure our more experienced customers will note, we only had the black to photograph).

The main pocket has a padded sleeve perfect for my laptop to slide into or I may prefer an A4 folder for all of those crucial doodles I sketched during my last meeting. Then there are a bunch of useful compartments spread out in the bag to sort out my pens, camera batteries, chargers and whatever else I pick up on the way home.

On the outside, the design is fairly minimal and the shape is clean, no bulging appendages. It is very much a subtle appearance which I like. Although part of me would have liked the big red on white Fjallraven logo as on the Kanken sacks. The straps are well padded so I don’t feel too much pain when I am at full backpacking load, definitely a must for those times I need to run away from home and still have all the “essentials” with me.

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