Happy Halloween with TWSBI Eco Lime

TWSBI Eco Lime fountain pen

Hi folks,

TWSBI ECO Lime just arrived, Halloween is around the corner, so I thought this is the perfect time for a quick review.

TWSBI ECO is a fountain pen with piston filling mechanism which means that it fills from the bottle and it holds a ton (around 1.8-2ml) of ink. No need for cartridges or converters anymore...

ECO pen would classify as a demonstrator - this basically means that transparent pen body is one big ink window and you can see the ink sloshing around.

I have inked mine with Diamine Shimmering Lilac Satin - ink which will be available from early November :) Purple and lime green go so well together. That said - turquoise, green, pink or orange would look great too :) I do love matching inks and pens <3

OKay, let's not get side-tracked :) What else is great about this pen? It comes in a cool box - supplied with silicon grease and wrench for all pen tinkerers :) It is really easy to find (colour does scream, lol). Design is simple - disassembling the pen, swapping nibs, pen maintenance and cleaning is a piece of cake (pull the feed& nib out). It is a reliable writer. Perfect everyday carry and workhorse pen. Great value for money and it has Halloween all over :)

TWSBI ECO Lime (and other colours) is available here: https://www.bureaudirect.co.uk/twsbi-eco-fountain-pen

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween,

Mishka (^_~)

ps: 22 Diamine inks are now available here: https://www.bureaudirect.co.uk/diamine-shimmer-inks

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