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  • Grey is the new black

    Grey is the new black

    Grey stationery

    Grey is a colour that doesn't get on a popular radar very often, it really is the new Diamine Earl Grey ink which started it all :) Then the new grey washi tape arrived followed shortly by grey Age Bag notebooks - coincidence? Hmmm... We love playing with all stationery, so Dominic went on treasure hunt around the warehouse and collected everything in grey. I helped with inks (of course) in another blog post. You can read about 10 different greys here.

    Age Bag Grey notebooks
    Opera Pebble envelopes
  • 10 shades of grey ink

    Grey Inks Comparisons


    Grey is a colour that we haven't really explored before. This post (and the next one to come) really is a sequel to Diamine Earl Grey ink which seems to be a trend setter. A lot of our friends asked for a side-by-side comparison, I looked around for more grey ink and found 10 in our sampling station :) These 10 inks are all grey, but as you will see, they are not the same. We haven't done this layout before, so please drop us a line in comments with your feedback. Do you have/use grey ink at all, if so which is your favourite? Inks were tested on Rhodia dot paper with a glass pen. You can zoom in on photos for the details too. Enjoy!

    Diamine - Grey

    This is probably the first grey ink that comes to mind... Subtle, shades well, very universal. Can't go wrong with this one. Diamine inks come in 80ml bottles and are fantastic value for money.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : Diamine - Grey

    Diamine - Graphite

    Dark grey with green components which are very apparent in this ink. It's almost black, colour is mossy and perfectly legible. Available in 80ml bottles.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : Diamine - Graphite

    J Herbin 1670 - Stormy Grey

    It's difficult not to take sides here, but this ink is the one that started a revolution of Shimmer - I love it :) Base colour grey shades beautifully and it's complimented with gold particles. Inked permanently in my Lamy 2000 <3 Available in 50ml bottles.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : J Herbin 1670 - Stormy Grey

    J Herbin - Gris Nuage

    One of the paler colours from the bunch. Warm grey with purple undertones and decent shading. Fantastic grey ink for painting/colouring with water brush. Available in 30ml bottles, 10ml bottles and cartridge form.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : J Herbin - Gris Nuage

    Diamine - Earl Grey

    We wrote a short story about this ink here. Fantastic rich colour with strong purple tint and delicate shading. Available soon.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : Diamine - Earl Grey

    KWZ - Grey Lux

    Satin smooth ink to write with. This is one of the darkest grey inks. Very complex, satudated and made out of many dyes, almost black when dry. Absolute joy to use. Available in 60ml bottles.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : KWZ - Grey Lux

    Diamine - Sparkling Shadows

    First generation of Diamine's Shimmering inks. Grey with gold specs. Available in 50ml bottles.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : Diamine - Sparkling Shadows

    Diamine - Moon Dust

    Jo's number one ink :) Pencil-like colour with silver shimmer. Fantastic name too. Second generation of Diamine Shimmer inks. Available in 50ml bottles.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : Diamine - Moon Dust

    Iroshizuku - Kiri Same

    Light grey ink with expressive shading. This ink flows well as you can imagine all Iroshizuku inks do. Available in 50ml bottles.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : Iroshizuku - Kiri Same

    Kaweco - Smokey Grey

    Colder grey ink with green undertones and quick dry times. Shading is visible and the smoke in the name represents the colour well. It comes in both 30ml bottle and cartridge version.

    Grey Inks Comparisons : Kaweco - Smokey Grey
  • Diamine Earl Grey - Ink Review

    Diamine Earl Grey Review - Rhodia White

    Are you on Reddit?

    The good people of r/fountainpens - a fountain pen community on Reddit - reached out to our friends at Diamine if they would be up for a challenge. Could they make an ink purely voted for by the community?

    This was a chance for us dreamers to have a go at designing our own ink. Imagine the warm fuzzy feeling when you ink up your favourite pen with something you made happen... Fountain pen mega star Stephen Brown has had his own ink made and finally it was our time to shine.

    First up - Name and colour. Voting and comments got pretty heated - as you can imagine ink discussions do :)
    The 'Earl Grey' name was submitted by our pen club friend Daniel, so we were rooting for him; also it is a pretty cool name. Over 3000 votes were submitted, 1000+ people selected colour Grey. Only about hundred votes separated the winner Grey from Gold and Teal (maybe next time).

    Diamine then got to work and provided few swatches which we voted for too.

    Two months later a brand new baby ink came into the world. Welcome Diamine Earl Grey :D

    Ink review

    Diamine Earl Grey Review - comparison
    Diamine Earl Grey Review - comparison

    Grey is a fantastic ink to use - you won't find a regular ballpoint/rollerball in such colour. Diamine Earl Grey is not too loud, so it can be used for almost everything. Very universal, slightly understated, but certainly not boring. Those purple accents are really eye catchy, especially on white paper :) They do take a while to come out - we had to re-take the photographs because the colour has changed over night. The flow is very good, it is certainly not dry. Earl Grey shades extremely well. This ink is not waterproof or water resistant. We could only see a little bit of sheen on ink drops which were done on Tomoe River paper.

    The more I use it the more I like it (especially when inked in purple pen = match made in heaven).

    Please click on images below to see all the details.

    This ink will be available soon in Diamine's 80ml bottles. The packaging has a secret message printed inside the box regarding the Reddit community.

    Big big thanks to Diamine for helping making our dream come true. We feel very privileged to be able to review it before release. Very well done to r/fountainpens Reddit community - you people made this possible! :)

    I hope that Diamine Earl Grey will become a household name and will establish itself in Diamine's already very successful line-up.

    Diamine - Earl Grey

    Shading - One of the best properties of this ink
    Flow - Great!
    Saturation - Very Good!
    Sheen - Only a tiny bit on Tomoe River
    Water Resistance - Nope

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