Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Our recommendations for an easy gift idea

top christmas gift ideas


We've put the effort in to make it easier for you. Check out the best of the best gift ideas for Christmas.

observer's home notebook

Observer's Home Notebook

Fantastic notebook with useful ideas for use in the home including uses for salt and even labels for home-made jam

twsbi classic fountain pen

TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen

Beautiful fountain pen from Taiwan in limited edition turquoise. One of our favourite brands

good morning safari 2018 calendar

Good Morning 2018 Safari Calendar

Highly unusual calendars from Japan, this set is a series of Safari animals that sit on your desk

caran d'ache 849 fountain pen

Caran d'Ache 849 Fountain Pen

The classic Caran d'Ache 849 pen was reinvented earlier this year with a new fountain pen version that had lots of admirers

olivetti notebook

Olivetti Notebook

Beautiful, quality notebook based around the original Olivetti electric typewriter from the 1960's

imborrable notebooks

Imborrable Notebooks

A new range of Spanish notebooks we have taken on, with quite stunning cover designs that have had everyone choosing their favourite

aficionado compilation

The Aficionado Compilation

One of our stationery compilations, this combines the best available notebook, pen and ink to make a set that will get someone purring with delight

lamy joy set

Lamy Joy Fountain Pen Set

Old school but always popular - a stylish set of calligraphy pen with 3 nib widths, cartridges and a booklet about learning calligraphy

Christmas gifts for him


Our pick of the best gifts for that tricky man in your life, be it your husband, brother, dad, son or friend!

field notes starter kit

Field Notes Starter Kit

Field Notes specialise in no-nonsense old school stationery and this boxed set is a great introduction to their unique ways

blackwing 602 pencils

Blackwing Pencils

These cult pencils are widely regarded as the best pencils. Ever. And with a cultural heritage that reads like a who's who these are a must-have in any stationery collection

walk with me maps

Walk With Me Maps

Does everyone love a map? Well these are maps and also just fascinating and wonderful objects in their own right - discover bits of London, Barcelona and Madrid you never knew

rhodia compilation

The Rhodian Compilation

We have assembled an amazing collection of stationery essentials from French brand Rhodia, including the Webbie notebook and Script pen

astronomy stationery set

The Astronomer Compilation

Who isn't fascinated by space? We've put a popular set together that combines the unusual Astronomy notebook with a Fisher Spacepen and a roll of planetary washi tape. Quite different but also quite wonderful

field notes campfire

Field Notes Campfire

All men love making a fire. Surely? Well we can't offer that but this is the next best thing - a set of 3 notebooks from the US based around the theme of campfires

caran d'ache 849 pen

Caran d'Ache 849

The classic pen from 1969 - the 849 has a name that people just nod knowingly at. Simple hexagonal shape, bright colours, metallic barrel. Simple but perfect

grids and guides notebook

Grids and Guides Notebook

Unusual but quite fun. These notebooks are packed with uniquely different note paper and useful infographics on the periodic table and more

the bureau stationery christmas gift guide


Stuck for what to give when the tired old ideas of perfume, jewellery and chocolate just won't do? Fear not, we can fill that fear-shaped hole for you!

Castelli Midnight Floral Notebooks

Beautiful new notebooks for 2017 with a floral pattern and an intricate embossed reflief. These books were a big hit when launched and we feel they will be again at Christmas.

Woodcut Cards

A lovely set of greeting cards and envelopes in a box, each featuring a traditional woodcut design.

Kanken Backpacks

Still the bag of the moment, Kanken bags and their distinctive red fox logo can be seen everywhere. Why? It's in the back-to-basics approach of having a backpack that takes a decent load, opens up to reveal all easily and yet comes in a range of stylish colours.

Scented Inks

A range of inks from J. Herbin each with its own matching scent, so you can choose from apple, orange, lavender and even chocolate amongst others.

The Classic Compilation

Is this the definitive Bureau Compilation? It certainly feels that way - we have sold so many and yet it still tops the charts. Combine a smart rollerball with three tins of ink cartridges of your choice.

good morning flowers 2018 calendar

2018 Flowers Calendar

One of the most amazing things we have seen. This calendar has a flower for each month and you pop it out to create a flower in a vase which changes month to month. Ir go full-on with several flowers all at once.

Lamy LX Fountain Pen

The Lamy LX is a high-end version of the familiar Al-Star pen, with a slightly bling-y barrel in several metallic shades and a new Lamy nib. Comes in a very smart tubular tin.

The Botanist Compilation

A special set comprising the unusual Observer's Tree notebook with a pen and roll of plant encyclopedia washi tape.

Stocking filler ideas


Great little gift ideas to add a little extra to stockings or for that smaller gift idea

Histoires Naturelles Notebooks

Quirky notebooks from France that feature animals and plants, each with a French saying below that you can try to translate but will likely find no English equivalent. Beautiful, fun and a quality notebook as well.

Coccoina Glue

A long-time Bureau classic, this almond-scented glue from italy is heavenly to smell, gorgeous to look at and a must to give to someone.

Lamy Tipo Pen

All-time classic pen, one that we recommend every year. The Tipo is such good value and yet looks like a pen worth several times as much.

Paperways Memo Pads

Handy little memo pads from Korea, which feature a range of patterns including a map of the World or a map of Europe. Smart, fun and yet useful.

How To Bullet Plan

Bullet Journals are big news, but how do you go about starting one? We liked this book so much we decided to start selling it as it explains all, and more. They'll not be stuck for ideas if they get this in their stocking!

Midori Pen Case

Soft-touch pencils cases that can also double up for other uses, maybe as a glasses case or keeping small items safe.

Animal Paperclips

Fun shaped paperclips with a range of ideas from dolphins to airplanes, ducks to cherry blossom.

Milan Erasers

We've made these little packs of fun up - each one has six different erasers from the old-school brand Milan. All very retro, and yet surprisngly tempting and beautiful.