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  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas – Day #12

    Rhodia Stationery Hamper


    Rhodia Hamper

    Our last suggestion, and possibly one of the best. These Rhodia Hampers have been the most popular of the hampers we launched this year, and given the level of interest that Rhodia seems to generate I guess it is no surprise. They are packed with Rhodia goodies, from pads and books to pencils. Still time to get one out on Monday on 1st class post for delivery before Christmas.

  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas – Day #11

    Moleskine Star Wars Notebooks

    Moleskine Star Wars

    The perfect combination of classic movie and classic notebook. Available in pocket and large, with plain or lined paper. These are very limited edition so when they're gone...they're gone.

  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas – Day #10

    Rhodia Pencil Box

    Rhodia Pencils

    The ultimate indulgence for any stationery lover - a luxury box of 25 Rhodia pencils, each individually wrapped. Ahhhh....


  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas - Day #7

    Photo Strip

    Photo Strip

    These hanging photo albums are a great alternative way to display your photos. Rather than shut them away in an album, or worse just leave them on your computer, print a few off and hang them on your wall. If your mood changes, then change the photos.

  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas - Day #6

    Lamy Logo Pen Set

    Lamy Logo Pen Set

    The Lamy Logo pen set was one of the big hits last year, and at just £16.50 it's obvious why. It's a nice presentation box with a stainless steel ballpen and mechanical pencil, and a leather pen case for them both. How could we not offer it again this year?

  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas - Day #5

    Mini Hamper

    Mini Christmas Hamper

    We're really pleased with the response to our Christmas Hampers, and if we're honest they were an 11th hour idea so we were unsure how well they would go down, and they missed the Christmas brochure so they've sold well despite that. The Mini Hamper contains a pocket Moleskine lined notebook and a Lamy Safari ballpoint pen, both classic stationery items in their own right. They come in a nice red box, with a choice of red pen/book or black pen/book.

  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas - Day #4

    Pac Man Diaries

    Moleskine Pacman

    We like these limited edition diaries from Moleskine - bright yellow and with the classic Pac Man game branded onto the cover. There is also a nice little Pac Man postcard inside, and if you want a diary that will be a little different then grab yourself one of these, before they sell out.

  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas - Day #3

    Lamy Tipo Pen

    Lamy Tipo Pen

    Another great value item. The Tipo is just £4.50 and has always been the most stylish pen around, pound for pound. And to make it even better we're sending it out in a gift box for Christmas, making it ideal as a gift for someone.

  • The Bureau Direct 12 Days of Christmas - Day #1

    A gift idea a day

    I thought I would mark the final 12 days leading up to the last 1st class posting date for Christmas (UK post!) by highlighting a gift idea each day. The idea is to pick on items that have been proving popular with sales so far, maybe in the hope that it triggers some interest in someone....somewhere. Or is everyone just so saturated and bombarded with gift ideas that this is the last thing you need? Well, it's only one gift idea a day, and only for 12 days. And then we can put Christmas shopping to bed, and look ahead to 2012. So, a day late, here is the first idea.

    Day #1 - Moleskine Luggage Tags

    Moleskine Luggage Tag

    These little tags have been a really good seller, and they are a nice small gift idea. They're only £7.95 so they could be a stocking filler. Available in 4 colours, and the blue, pink and green will really help make a suitcase stand out on the luggage carousel. They have been neatly designed to be like a Moleskine book, with the elastic strap closure and of course the 'in case of loss...' text inside.

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