Carbon13 Small Ruler
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Carbon13 Small Ruler

Carbon13cm Ruler
Carbon13cm Ruler Large and small rulers Carbon13cm Ruler Carbon13cm Ruler Carbon13cm Ruler
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High tech rulers in carbon fibre


Precision cut, Ultra light, high strength carbon fibre rulers 

These virtually weightless high strength rulers are made from carbon fibre, the stuff they use for expensive bikes and F1 cars. Originally a Kickstarter project, they are now available to buy in two sizes with the 13 being the smaller 13cm ruler. Thanks to the incredible strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fibre, this ruler is thinner, lighter and more durable than anything else out there. Marked with both metric and imperial measurements, the rulers also feature compass holes so that you can mark through them with a pencil and use it to draw circles and angles. Unlike a metal ruler, it won't scratch meaning you can use it on a delicate surface such as a window or kitchen cabinet and it makes an excellent bookmark for your journal. Precision cut, it has a smooth, glossy finish on both sides and is a guaranteed conversation starter around the office.  

Key features:

  • 13 cm ruler with both metric and imperial measurements
  • Made from carbon fibre
  • Non-scratch
  • Can be used as a compass for drawing
  • Available in 31cm size

What we like about this product:

  • Smart and innovative
  • It's the closest we're going to get to a McLaren

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