Coccoina adhesive paste
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Coccoina adhesive paste

Coccoina adhesive paste
Coccoina adhesive paste Coccoina adhesive paste
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Marzipan-scented Italian glue in beautiful tin


Gorgeous marzipan scented adhesive paste made in Italy since the 1920s and presented in a beautifulᅠaluminium tin. This was a favourite product from the days when Bureau was a store in Covent Garden and looks more like aᅠproduct from a well-known Italian biscuit manufacturer. The glue is made from potato starch and the brush isᅠcleverly stored inᅠa well in the centre of the tin. Rated number 33 in the Independent'sᅠBest 50 Stationery items.

  • 125g tin
  • Suitable for paper, cloth and photographs
  • All natural product
Product Questions

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Is this water soluble? I want to be able to wash labels of jam jars easily!

Question submitted by: Jo Currie on: 2017-01-11 16:30:50

Bureau replies: Two main ingredients of Coccoina are potato starch and glycerine which are soluble in water. We have tried applying Coccoina on jam jar and it came off easily. 

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2017-01-12 16:29:27

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