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Bureau Direct Gift e-Voucher

Bureau Direct Gift e-Voucher

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Please ensure that you provide the correctly spelt email address for the recipient as they will be sent a unique code that cannot be resent.


1 Choose an amount
2 Compose your message
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The perfect gift for anyone who loves stationery


The perfect gift idea for someone you know but...well, just don't know what to buy. Deep down everyone loves stationery, and no one does stationery better than us. Decide which vouchers you want to give, and then you can send them to yourself or direct to someone else with your message included.

Please note that these are e-vouchers, not an actual gift voucher, and so you will get an email with the voucher code contained.

How they work

  • You buy a voucher for the amount you want, from £5 to £100
  • You can send it to yourself or a friend - it's up to you
  • You can redeem all or part of the voucher against an order.
  • If you don't spend it all at once then the balance will remain in credit
  • You can't use a discount code when buying the voucher. However, you can still use the discount codes on an order when you are redeeming a voucher.

What you need to do

  • Choose the voucher amount you want to buy from the drop-down menu
  • Tell us who you want to send the voucher to and their email address
  • Add your name and email address so they will know who sent them the voucher
  • Add a headline for your message
  • Write a message to them
  • Add to basket
  • If you want you can add multiple e-vouchers to different people all in the same basket

You will be sent the voucher code in an email, either directly to you or to the recipient you have provided.


You can put your email address as the recipient, have the code sent to yourself which you then write in a card and give that as a gift. Make sure you write the code out correctly, and include our website address so they know where to spend it!

Important note

You cannot use a discount code to purchase a gift voucher. You can use a discount code when redeeming the voucher though.


Product Questions

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My gift voucher will not be accepted by you,do they have a time limit, it was a gift last July.

Question submitted by: Lin Bruntnell on: 2017-07-09 15:00:03

Bureau replies: Hi Lyn, sorry about the problem we will send you the e-voucher intructions via email.

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2017-07-14 09:22:37

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