Stationery Wednesday

Better than your normal email newsletter


Oh, and get an exclusive 10% discount every month

What is Stationery Wednesday? It is newsletter about stationery sent out on a Wednesday. But with a difference, lovingly crafted by hand each week with our own photography and featuring tempting stationery.

All the obvious benefits include being the first to know about new stock, promotions, sales and competitions.

We also offer a 10% discount code to all subscribers. On the first day of each month we send out an email newsletter with our exclusive promotional code. Sign-up to ensure you receive next month’s code. The code is valid for three days only. Some months this will be sent out on a Wednesday with the newsletter.

It’s free to join, you can opt out at any point, and...we don’t share your details with anyone else. We would be as annoyed as you if that happened to us, so we just won't do it.