Lamy Pens Refill Chart

Lamy pens

Which Lamy refill you need for your pen

These tables summarise all the Lamy refills available for Lamy pens, including Lamy ink cartridges and ballpoint  and rollerball refills and also Lamy pencil lead refills. Please call us if you have any questions regarding refills for your Lamy pens. Popular refills include the T10, M16, M21, M22, M63 and M66.

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Lamy fountain pen refills

Lamy ballpoint refills

Lamy rollerball refills

Lamy multi-pen refills

Lamy pencil refills


Lamy Fountain Pens: Refills & Accessories

Pen Ink Cartridge Convertor Spare Nib Other
Lamy 2000 T51 ink pot n/a* not available*** -
Accent 98 series T10 Z27** not available*** Z90 or Z91 grip section
Accent 95/97 series T10 Z27** Z50 Z90 or Z91 grip section
Linea T10 Z27** Z50 -
Al-Star T10 Z28 Z50 -
Safari T10 Z28 Z50 -
Vista T10 Z28 Z50 -
CP1 pt T10 Z27** not available*** -
CP1 T10 Z27** Z50 -
Studio (platinum, palladium, anthracite) T10 Z27** not available*** -
Studio (black, blue, violet, steel) T10 Z27** Z50 -
ST T10 Z27 Z50 -
Logo T10 Z27 Z50 -
Pur T10 Z27** Z50 -
Nexx / Nexx M T10 Z28 Z50 -
ABC T10 Z28 Z50 -
Joy Calligraphy T10 Z28 Z50 -
* Lamy 2000 has an in-built ink filling system for use with ink pots
** Convertors included with pen, but can be bought separately
*** These pens have a more expensive nib and Lamy does not sell spare nibs.


Lamy Ballpoint Pens: Refills & Accessories

Pen Refill Other
Dialog M16 -
Lamy 2000 M16 -
Accent 298 / 297 / 295 M16 Z90 or Z91 grip section
Unic M16 -
Pico M22 -
Spirit M21 -
Scribble M22 -
Linea M16 -
Al-Star M16 -
Safari M16 -
Vista M16 -
Agenda M22 -
Pur M16 -
CP1 / CP1 pt M16 -
Studio M16 -
ST M16 -
Logo M16 -
Noto M16 -
Pur M16 -
Econ M16 -


Lamy Rollerball Pens: Refills & Accessories

Pen Refill Other
Dialog 2 M66 -
2000 M63 -
Accent 398 / 397 / 395 M63 Z90 or Z91 grip section
Swift M66 -
Studio M63 -
CP1 / CP1 pt M63 -
2000 M63 -
Logo brushed steel M63  
Al-Star M63 -
Safari M63 -
Vista M63 -
Balloon T11 -
Tipo M66 -
NB: Lamy M63 refills have replaced M61 and M62 refills. M63 refills are compatible on older models.


Lamy Multi-Pens: Refills & Accessories

Pen Pen Refill Pencil Lead Other Eraser
PickUp M22 - M51 highlighter -
Lamy 2000 4-pen M21 - - -
4-pen 4x1 M21 M40 0.7mm M70 stylus &
M55 marker
4-pen 3+1 M21 M40 0.7mm M55 marker* Z15
CP1 Tripen 759 / 756 M21 M41 0.5mm M55 marker Z15
ST Tripen 745 M21 M41 0.5mm M55 marker Z15
Tripen 746 M21 M41 0.5mm - Z15
Tripen 747 IT M21 M41 0.5mm M70 stylus Z15
CP1 Twinpen M21 M41 0.5mm - Z15
ST Twinpen 645 M21 M41 0.5mm - Z15
Twinpen 647 IT M21 - M70 stylus -
Studio Twinpen M21 M40 0.7mm - Z15
Logo Tripen M21 - - -
Logo Twinpen M21 M41 0.5mm - -
* Not supplied with the 3+1 pen but is compatible


Lamy Mechanical Pencils: Pencil Refills & Accessories

Pencil Lead Eraser
Accent 198 / 197 / 195 M40 0.7mm or
M41 0.5mm*
Lamy 2000 M40 0.7mm or
M41 0.5mm*
Spirit M41 0.5mm Z11
Al-Star M41 0.5mm Z18
Safari M41 0.5mm Z18
Vista M41 0.5mm Z18
Tipo M40 0.7mm -
CP1 M41 0.5mm Z10
Agenda M40 0.7mm Z10
Alu M41 0.5mm Z10
Linea M41 0.5mm Z10
ST M41 0.5mm Z10
Logo M41 0.5mm -
Econ M40 0.7mm Z10
Pur M40 0.7mm -
ABC M44 (new style, 1.44mm)

M42 (old style, 3.15mm)
Scribble 0.7mm M40 0.7mm Z19
Scribble 3.15mm M43 3.15mm -
* Depends on pencil model purchased