Lamy Fountain Pen Z24 Converter
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Lamy Fountain Pen Z24 Converter

Lamy Fountain Pen Z24 Converter
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Ink cartridge convertors for Lamy fountain pens (check which pen first)


Ink cartridge converters for Lamy fountain pens.

An alternative to using ink cartridges is to use a convertor. This replaces the cartridge, and can be refilled when empty. Always use either Lamy ink or a good quality alternative. Please note this has been slightly updated and is known as a Z28 now.

This convertor is compatible with the following Lamy fountain pens:

  • Safari
  • Vista
  • Al-Star
  • ABC
  • Joy
  • Nexx / Nexx M

For other Lamy fountain pens you will need to use the Lamy Z26 convertor. Please see chart for which convertor fits which pen. Some pens also come with a convertor. This is stated on the page for each pen.

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