Lamy rubber pen top for Safari ballpens
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Lamy rubber pen top for Safari ballpens

Lamy rubber pen top for Safari ballpens
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Lamy rubber pen top for Safari/AL-Star/Vista ballpens
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This is the replacement part for Lamy Safari, AL-Star and Vista ballpoint pens. It is a concertina shaped black rubber pen top.

Lead Times

This item is a special import. The process is that all orders in by 9.30am Monday or by 9.30am Thursday are ordered from the factory in Germany and will be ready for despatch approx. 10 working days later. Please note that the delivery method you choose will not shorten this lead time. Please contact us for more details if needed.

Product Questions

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I cannot get te replacement cap to fit. It continuously falls off. Is there a part missing from my pen?

Question submitted by: Thomas Aitchison on: 2016-10-20 08:40:15

Bureau replies: you need to pull out the whole part (rubber top plus black part shaped like a small "plate"). Then you replace the whole part by pressing it firmly into the pen.
Hope it works well...

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2016-10-24 13:54:17

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