Lamy Safari fountain pen
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Lamy Safari fountain pen

Lamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain penLamy Safari fountain pen
Lamy Safari fountain pen - red
Lamy Safari fountain pen - black Lamy Safari fountain pen  - a great writing instrument Lamy Safari fountain pen - green Lamy Safari fountain pen - yellow Lamy Safari fountain pen - white Lamy Safari fountain pen - charcoL Lamy Safari fountain pen - blue Lamy Safari fountain pen - red Lamy Safari fountain pen - pink
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Our most popular pen - the Lamy Safari fountain pen is an excellent value writing pen in a choice of colours.

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The Lamy Safari fountain pen is our most popular Lamy pen, an excellent writing instrument at an everyday price

Highly recommended

The Safari fountain pen has been a long-time best-seller for us, and it is easy to see why. It comes highly recommended by so many people, from schools to fountain pen aficionados. The appeal of the Safari is simply that it writes as well as many fountain pens worth several times the price.

For 2017 the special edition colour is petrol, launched in April and likely to sell out quite quickly. Click here to see the special edition pen.

All pens have a chromium plated medium steel nib. This pen comes with a blue ink cartridge as standard. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian, and originally launched in 1980. 

Key features:

  • Lightweight plastic barrel
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Barrel window to easily check ink status
  • Spring-loaded metal clip
  • Each pen comes supplied with 1 blue cartridge.
  • Uses standard Lamy Z50 or Z52 steel nibs for quality writing
  • Takes standard Lamy T10 ink cartridges
  • Can be used with Lamy Z28 converter for bottled ink
  • Choice of nib widths, with easy-to-swap Lamy Z50 nibs
  • Comes in a choice of colours.
  • Produced every year in a special edition colour with matching ink.

What we like about this item:

  • A simple, contemporary design
  • Bright colours
  • Reliable pen, ideal as a way to get back into using an ink pen
Model Varies according colour
Refill  Lamy T10
Converter (not included) Lamy Z28
Dimensions capped 13.9 cm 
Dimensions uncapped 12.9 cm
Dimensions posted 16.5 cm 
Weight 18 g
Pre-installed ink colour Blue
Body material  Plastic
Additional Details

The Lamy Safari fountain pen takes the following refills:

Extra fine has been discontinued by Lamy as a fitted option for this pen. If you would like an extra-fine nib please order the nib separately. If you would like it fitted, please mention this in the comments section of your order. Limited edition pens only come with fine or medium nibs, any other nib needs to be ordered separately and we can fit this for you.

Delivery Info

We offer free UK delivery over £10 - please choose the SAVER delivery option at the checkout. Below £10 this delivery option will cost £1.95.

Within the UK we offer a range of delivery options including guaranteed next-working-day services if you order before 1pm. Please click here to see all our UK delivery options.

For overseas orders we use Airmail postage to a range of countries. The price is calculated according to the weight of your order. International delivery is available to about 50 countries - these will be listed at checkout and also in the shipping estimater in the shopping basket. Please click here to see about our international deliveries.

Returns Info

We offer a 'no quibble' returns policy. If you are not happy with your product then you can return it for a full refund. Please click here to see our full returns policy and how to return something for a refund.


Customer Reviews 62 item(s)

The Best
Written by Tony ( 09/10/2014)
Easy on your hand and fingers, the triangular grip and low weight is excellent for long writing sessions. The nib is smooth and pleasant ....but with the right amount of "grip" keeping it on track, perfect for MY letters. Often a bit on the dry side, therefore good for taming the wettest of inks but "dry" inks can be a little pale. Finally an affordable although propriatory converter. The choice of colours enables me to have many Safaris loaded and ready with different inks. There's not the oomph-factor of many another famous brand but it more than does the job.
love the color so much
Written by Guest ( 10/08/2014)
I'm a Chinese girl and I chose the Fine nib. It's perfect for writing Chinese characters!
Written by Jan Thomas Christensen ( 03/04/2013)
Still the best pen i have ever had.
Beautiful fountain pen
Written by Michelle Dore ( 06/12/2012)
This pen is by far the most effective and easy pen that I have used in many years. It is relatively lightweight, easy to grip and produces the most fabulous hand-writing! I would highly recommend this product. I actually ordered this for my son who is eight and he takes pride when writing now. He has taken his Lamy Safari pen to school today to show his friends!
Great service
Written by Vinod ( 05/12/2012)
Good efficient pricing and brilliant communication.
Limited Edition
Written by Paul Bentley ( 06/10/2012)
This Limited Edition Green pen, with the green Ink is fantastic. Not only the totally wonderful writing expereinec that Lamy always delivers, but such an attractive colour pen too!! And of course Buraeu Direct are so Customer Friendly to deal with. Thanks.
Excellent item, highly recommended
Written by Amanda Leong ( 08/09/2012)
The items i bought came within a few days and were really high quality. it was just as was described and i will definitely buy from here again.
Excellent product
Written by Rohith ( 06/08/2012)
Impressed with this. Nice balance and flow. Service was great. Reached in 2 days with nice packing.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
Written by Matthias ( 05/08/2012)
Great fountain pen, excellent value for money.
Great product
Written by John Callaghan ( 03/08/2012)
Purchased from bureau direct before and have been very happy with their customer service, speedy delivery and value for money. Great to get something on the internet that offers free delivery.
good stylish fountain pen
Written by Fiona ( 05/07/2012)
This pen doesn't quite suit my style of handwriting - I write at an unusual angle according to my old school teachers! - but no matter, my husband appears to have taken to it and uses it in addition to his Parker 51s.
good pen but the cap's a disappointment
Written by nicki ( 02/06/2012)
Hi guys always loved the lamy fountain pens, seems i got twice one of a bad batch though... usually going for the matt black one, one day soon after getting me a new one, the ?screw?plug? on top of the cap popped out and got lost. i tried using a normal screw and hotmelt-glue but it doesnt look as good of course, before i left the country i thought i give me a shiny new one in metallic green - guess what? the same thing happened after a short time of use - i activated it a year ago and it took only a few months with the occasional usage to have the same thing happening :( pity as the pen / write-feeling with it is awesome nicki i use the medium nib i am sure, it is so nice and soft and writes wonderful, but the failing cap is a bit of a disappointment.
Written by ian dunlop ( 12/05/2012)
After biros and ball points its good to get back to a fountain pen again, and this model fits neatly into the hand.
Perfect writing tool for anyone
Written by Martin ( 11/05/2012)
I have to admit I was really impressed with the level of service provided by Bureau Direct. Jo was very pleasant to deal with via email and willing to go the extra mile to assist me. Thank you Jo for amazing service that beats the likes of Apple or Amazon. As for the pen, it is outstanding. My adventure with pens started at school and now, 20 years later I am trying to get back into handwritting with a fountain pen. I tried several entry models from different brands like Parker and Cross - there was always something wrong with them... ergonomy, nib size or horrible scratchy feel when writing. Lamy Safari (Yellow) is not only cool, fun and just the right size but it writes like a dream. Fine nib works best for me (extra fine is a bit scratchy) and it glides perfectly. It is as practical and easy to use as ballpoint pen. Vibrant color makes it easier to spot... so loosing or misplacing it would be difficult. Perfect service and perfect product. Keep it that way!
Good budget pen
Written by John Hancox ( 10/04/2012)
I bought this pen after the fuss made about Lamys on the Fountain Pen Network. As a budget pen, it is quite a good product - easy to hold, a bit on the light side and appears to be well made. However, I ordered it with a Fine nib and the German fine nibs are more like our medium so it was too wide for me. I therefore ordered an Extra Fine nib which is more like the English fine. The great thing is that the replacement nibs are cheap and very easy to fit, one of the big advantages of the design - why don't more companies adopt this idea? The Extra Fine nib is OK for me. I don't like the Lamy Blue Ink but with the converter you can use whatever ink you choose. In summary, it's a nice cheap pen. I wonder what the more up market models are like - do they compare with top of the range Parkers or Sheaffers or Caran d'Ache, to name but a few?
Written by Jenny ( 06/04/2012)
Saw my 11 year old nephew yesterday and he had written me a letter with his pen saying it was 'stupendous' and he really enjoyed writing with it. I was delighted that it was despatched so quickly and arrived in good time for his birthday.
Lamy ltd ed green
Written by G ( 06/04/2012)
One of my favourite. Excellent service from bureau direct. Will definitely use again.
Written by Ilse ( 05/04/2012)
Thank you, for the excellent Lamy Safari pen and the outstanding service.
A Great Little Pen
Written by Margaret Powling ( 11/03/2012)
Not used a fountain pen for a nunber of years but thought I'd treat myself to a Lamy. This is a great little pen, far better than the relatively low price would indicate. However, the medium nib is a little broad for my own particular liking so I've ordered another with a fine nib. This is just a matter of preference, it's still a great pen, light and easy to use.
Lamy Pen
Written by John Webber ( 05/03/2012)
Bought this as a present for my daughter, limited edition green. she loves it. It arrived quickly along with the field notes notebooks I ordered for myself. Great service.
pen perfection
Written by mrs peppermouse ( 12/02/2012)
This is a great little fountain pen and a good deal nicer to use than more expensive pens I have tried in the past. It feels sturdy and well balanced to write with; the nib writes smoothly without any scratchiness, and it doesn't leak; replacing nibs is easy and cheap. Good service from Bureau Direct too.
Pen a success.
Written by Duff Hart-Davis ( 11/01/2012)
I am delighted with the pen, which is extremely nice to use. But I would also like to have a Lamy with a calligraphy nib. Is there such a thing?
My first Lamy!
Written by Susan White ( 06/01/2012)
I am a loyal fountain pen user and this is my first Lamy. It took a little getting used to, I have had to chill out and relax my grip to get a good flow - but this is only a good thng! Very nice pen.
Great Pen, Great Value and Great Service from Bureau Direct!
Written by Alyson ( 02/12/-1)
First time I have used the site; my daughter was desperate for one of these pens for school. Shopped around online and found this appeared to be the cheapest and most user-friendly site. She was originally after the turquoise (limited edition so no longer available) but is very happy with her 2nd choice yellow. It has helped her writing hugely and she is making a real effort now she has the pen of her dreams! Bureau Direct site very easy to use, I telephoned in my order rather than ordering online, arrived within a couple of days and free delivery - what more can you ask for??!!
Excellent handwriting pen
Written by Jenny ( 02/12/-1)
This pen is an excellent starter handwriters pen. Good quality and comfortable to write with.
Great pen so far!
Written by S.Nicholls ( 02/12/-1)
It's amazing how excited children get when they get their 'pen licence' from school! I told my son he could choose a pen and this is what he chose! So far so good - he loves it and his handwriting is beautiful too!
Cool colour - Green
Written by Simon Booth ( 02/12/-1)
Purchased for son who was well impressed - loved the colour!
Lamy pen
Written by peter bentley ( 02/12/-1)
excellent pen, but more importantly brilliant service form Bureau Direct
Safari fountain pen great for improving handwriting
Written by Jane ( 02/12/-1)
My children and I have bought a Safari each and we love them. In the age of the keyboard, this pen transforms the act of handwriting to a personal, pleasurable activity.
very prompt service
Written by kim ( 02/12/-1)
Very good.
Excellent Purchase
Written by D Hambly ( 02/12/-1)
I had been looking for an inexpensive fountain pen for daily use, and found this website and the reviews on the pen. Did some further research online, and decided to try one, having never owned a Lamy previously. Placed the order over the phone along with a couple of other items, and they arrived in a couple of days - excellent service. Took the pen out of the packaging, loaded the cartridge and it wrote without any problems at all. I found the nib smoother than some far more expensive pens I've owned, and the ink flow was even with no skipping. It is exactly what I was looking for. Fantastic service from Bureau Direct.
Very pleased with our Lamy
Written by Catherine ( 02/12/-1)
Lamy pens are great I have several so was pleased with the new edition lime green. My senior manager is pleased with hers also.
The excellent Lamy Safari Fountain Pens
Written by Ginny Smith ( 02/12/-1)
As ever, these pens are robust, attractive and great to use regularly. We always use fountain pens and these pens are well priced and very functional in daily use.
Lamy Safari fountain pen
Written by Deirdre Metcalfe ( 02/12/-1)
I chose the beautiful green one because its my favourite colour. Its shorter than my usual ones which means it fits easily into my handbag and it writes well. My only disappointment is that it doesn't come with a choice of wide nibs.
A brilliant fountain pen
Written by Chris Earwaker ( 02/12/-1)
This pen not only looks great (I bought the limited edition apple green), but it also writes smoothly. Its comfortable to hold and the handy storage pouch means I can't lose it in my bag.
lamy pen
Written by silvana mclean ( 02/12/-1)
Writes like a dream. the fine nib option is worth waiting for. it can also be used for drawing. very happy with purchase, no downside to report.
what more can I say ?
Written by johnthobald ( 02/12/-1)
Next day delivery. Great website and products. At 79 y o haven't seen better. Always will think of you first.
Written by Nick Fulcher ( 02/12/-1)
Excellent product and delivery. All fine.
Love my Lamy!
Written by Margaret Powling ( 02/12/-1)
Having bought a medium nib Lamy Safari fountain pen, I thought I'd like to try the fine nib, too. This arrived quickly although I was informed that there would be a slight delay as fine nibs are a special order the pen arrived very quickly. I am delighted with this pen (and with my first Lamy pen) and recommend both the Lamy pens and Bureau Direct for excellent service. Courteous emails, good packaging, who could ask for more? Well done all of you.
Great pen
Written by Anonymous ( 02/12/-1)
Really good pen that writes very well and neatly. Good price.
Written by Lisa illis ( 02/12/-1)
Love but really wanted the green.
On Safari again
Written by Margaret Powling ( 02/12/-1)
I bought my first Lamy Safari a few weeks ago, followed by another as I liked it so much. Husband keeps 'borrowing' it, so I've bought him one for Christmas - these are great fountain pens, a real classy act!
Recent Purchases
Written by Peter Smith ( 02/12/-1)
As I was in London I decided to visit and it was great to meet everyone. This is a business which is trying very hard and deserves every success. Products are of the highest quality and my purchases are proving good value. Good luck - Peter Smith
Lamy Safari
Written by David Verney ( 02/12/-1)
Great pens: I have used these for years, mainly for different colours aside from the Black in my main pen - get the pen colour to match the ink colour. They are tremendous value for money, being a well made item. Great service from Bureau Direct as usual, as well.
Written by Daniele B ( 02/12/-1)
It is a beautiful pen and really comfortable to write!
Good value Safari fountain pen
Written by Keith Wheeler ( 02/12/-1)
I bought a standard black Safari fountain pen. I have been using this pen for day but my first impression is that it is very good value. Ink flow is good and even. The medium nib is stiffer than my Parker Sonnet but is smooth writing. The medium width is slightly thinner than the medium on my Sonnet and is a good choice for general handwriting. The shape of the section is comfortable for holding. Service was good with no problems.
Lamy Safari pen, fine nib
Written by Lisa ( 02/12/-1)
Nice, robust fountain pen. Colour is brighter than I expected and I hadn't realised the barrel was angled - not that it's a problem, but it does control where your fingers go with respect to the nib angle (I suspect this is by design, and hope it'll improve my handwriting!) Comfortable to write with, and the ink flow is smooth, even with the fine nib. Thanks to John Hancox (other reviewer) for the heads-up on German nib sizes - I find standard medium nibs (Parker etc.) a bit heavy, the Lamy fine nib is perfect. Despite it being on special order, it was only a week from order to delivery - excellent communication from the company all the way. Will definitely order from Bureau Direct again.
Lamy T10 pen review
Written by T Reveglia ( 02/12/-1)
I ordered a Red Lamy pen for my son, its a product that he loves using for his school work. once received he decided that the outercasing was to bright for him so I was going to return it however my other son decided that he would like to use it and is loving it. I ordered another Lamy pen a different colour and now there are two happy chaps using this product.
Great nib on a cheap pen
Written by Allan Engelhardt ( 02/12/-1)
The Lamy nibs are well-regarded and for a good reason: they give a very smooth writing experience. The pen is cheap and does feel a little cheap. I bought it as a travel pen that I wouldn't mind too much if I lost it, and it works well for that. Writes well and handles well. However, if I had the money I would probably spend just a little more on the Al-Star which is basically the same pen (and exactly the same nibs) except that it has an aluminium body which is a little more substantial.
Brilliant pen
Written by Jamie Nelson ( 02/12/-1)
This is a brilliant pen that writes smoothly and the refills aren't too expensive. It is also very stylish and sleek. I would recommend it to anyone. Great
Excellent service , as usual...
Written by Ann Keogh ( 02/12/-1)
Thanks very much for the prompt del. of the lamy
Lamy Safari fountain pen
Written by AMANDA MORRIS ( 02/12/-1)
Excellent pen and lovely to write with, I have been using them for years. All my children use them too. My only problem is that I find it difficult in Ireland to buy Lamy cartridges, they are not widely available.
Great product
Written by Hmac ( 02/12/-1)
Excellent pen, I have purchased a few from Bureau Direct and have never been disappointed. Excellent service too
the best
Written by david brotherton ( 02/12/-1)
In my opinion this is the best fountain pen ever produced.
Excellent fountain pen
Written by Tina ( 02/12/-1)
My first Lamy pen was a Safari with Extra-Fine nib. I have been so happy with it that I decided to purchase another one, this time with Fine nib. Very happy with the product. I have to get used to the Fine nib, as I prefer EF, but the pen works perfectly, the ink flows flawlessly, very happy. BD service was excellent. The package arrived before the estimated date range.
The best
Written by KI ( 02/12/-1)
This pen is boss.
Sar mhaith (irish)
Written by Geraldine O'Brien ( 02/12/-1)
Bought some Lamy fountain pens recently in Amsterdam. Lovely to use . I got the calligraphy joy pen and love it. Good ideas for gifts for people who like to write letters. E mail is just not the same! Good value for money.
Excellent service and pen
Written by Amuse Bouche ( 02/12/-1)
This is a lovely pen to write long letters with. I am also very impressed by the efficient service offered by Bureau Direct. I spoke with a member of staff over the phone for a brief discussion about this pen. He was both informative and jolly - a lovely combination. I forgot to ask for your name, but thank you.
Lamy safari fountain pens
Written by Ross ( 02/12/-1)
This is a top notch pen lamy have a very good range of colours and ink types also have good nib choices i am a proud owner of a matte black medium nibed safari and i would recommend this pen to anybody great pen!!!
Neon Lime LE (Fine Nib)
Written by John the Monkey ( 02/12/-1)
I was given one of these for my birthday, the pen was supplied by Bureau Direct. As an owner already of a blue al-star (1.5mm stub) Black safari (M) and Vista (EF) I expected a good pen, but the fine nib on this has surpassed my expectations - beautifully smooth. I love the Neon Lime LE, it's extremely bright, and very cheerful - its hard to supress a smile when taking it from my pencil case! Recommended unhesitatingly.
Got a dirty one
Written by Basak ( 02/12/-1)
I really love Lamy fountain pens. It gives an excellent writing experience. I ordered 3 different colors from this Lamy fountain pens to use them with related colored inks (green, pink and flourescent orange -for yellow Lamy-). I only have got the chance to try the yellow one. When I inserted my ink (flourescent orange), first color to come out was blue. The pen was certainly used before with blue ink, which I was not supposed to realize unless I try to use it with an ink color other than blue. Now I got a very dirty colored ink since orange ink is mixed up with the blue.
Love this pen
Written by Kate ( 02/12/-1)
I write all day at work and love using this pen in F. It writes smoothly and evenly I will definitely get another.

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Product Questions

Total 6 question(s)

Hi, I had a Lamy Safari pen years ago, I am left handed but just had an ordinary nib and it seemed fine. I want to order a Lamy pen but would it actually be better to order a left handed one this time? Thanks

Question submitted by: Sally on: 2016-09-04 14:49:16

Bureau replies: one of the best features of Lamy Safari pen is how easy it is to swap the nib :) I'd recommend trying both - writing is very personal, so you may be fine with normal nibs. LH nibs are fine/medium nibs which are cut under an angle to help lefties. 

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2016-09-05 09:40:16

Does this price include any rifill? What color of the ink?

Question submitted by: caddy on: 2016-08-03 21:36:00

Bureau replies: Lamy Safari fountain pens come with one blue (washable) ink cartdidge.

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2016-08-04 09:44:24

Hi there, love your stock. Any chance you'll get in any more special edition Dark Lilac? If so can you notify or put aside one with a fine nib for me? Thanks Caz

Question submitted by: Caz Lawson on: 2016-08-04 19:51:45

Bureau replies: Dark Lilac fountain pens are in stock 

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2016-08-05 09:38:49

Hi, do you stock the extra fine black nib? Thanks.

Question submitted by: Steve on: 2017-01-20 12:05:30

Bureau replies: we do, Z50 nibs are available here:

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2017-01-20 13:39:42

Any idea when in April for the release date ?

Question submitted by: Evelyn Johnston on: 2017-04-05 21:27:30

Bureau replies: we got our delivery yesterday. They are going fast! Do not hesitate :)

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2017-04-06 15:04:58

1 Do you offer an engraving service? 2 How much does the Z24 converter for ink cost for this pen Thanks

Question submitted by: Susan Green on: 2017-04-06 12:12:12

Bureau replies: We don't offer engraving, sorry. Z24 converters are £3.75.They are available here:

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2017-04-06 15:08:15

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