Maste Washi Tape - Astronaut
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Maste Washi Tape - Astronaut

Maste Washi Tape - Astronaut
Maste Washi Tape - Astronaut Maste Washi Tape - Astronaut
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Newer brand of Washi Tape from Mark's Tokyo Edge

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The newest Washi Tape on the block, Masté have some very cool designs. This version features astronauts floating amoungst the planets. Made by Mark's Tokyo Edge, these tapes can be used for anything from decorating cards and presents to brightening up books and identifying your headphones and phone. See separate tab for some of the many uses.

Originally developed by a Japanese company that made fly papers, these colourful masking tapes are made from washi or rice paper and have a special low tack adhesive allowing it to be removed and repositioned without leaving a mark.ᅠ

Key features:

  • Can be removed without leaving a residue
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Tears easily, no need to cut

What we like about this item:

  • Hugely versatile, can be used for both craft activites and around the house.
  • Once discovered it is hard to live without



Astronaut - 20mm x 7m

Additional Details

There are hundreds of uses for this tape but here are a few to think about:

  • Making cards and gift tags
  • Use on kraft paper to make wrapping paper
  • Cover and/or personalise school books
  • General sticking of memos and notes around the house - it comes off with no mark
  • Identify your phone charger with a small piece around the cable or plug - no more getting them mixed up.
  • Same for headphones - plus identify side is left or right
  • Book mark pages
  • Use as a cable tie
  • Decorate walls and furniture

Find out more about the masking tapes and what can be done by clicking here.

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