Refer A Friend - Terms & Conditions

We offer a 'refer-a-friend' scheme which rewards customers for referring people as new customers of our website.


To sign up for the scheme, all you need to do is head over to your My Account page, and look under the Referred Friends tab. Or click here for a direct link. When there, use the Invite A Friend button and follow the instructions below.


This is how the scheme works:

  • We offer a £5 reward for every friend you manage to get to place an order with us, as long as they have spent over £10.You will only get one reward per customer though.
  • You must be a registered customer with a customer account on our site to be able to take part in this scheme - visit or click the My Account link on the website header to set up an account if you haven't already done so.
  • Under the My Account section there is a Referred Friends tab. Cick on this, or go to
  • On this page you will see a summary of all friends you have sent a referral request to, and whether they have met the criteria or not. It also shows your current referral reward balance, and has a unique link for you to share with your friends.


To start the process, you can either copy and paste the Broadcast Link URL and send this out yourself. The other option is to click on the 'invite a friend' button which will automate this for you. You just need to add their email adress and any message you want to send to them. If you copy and paste the URL it will be sent by you and might be more likely to successful. If you use the in-built method (by clicking on the button) your friend will receive an email from Bureau Direct, and they may be less likely to open the email as a result. It's up to you though. It is essential that your friend uses the link provided to register as they will not be regarded as a referral if they purchase or register without following this link. This cannot be adjusted afterwards so please make sure they follow the unique link in the email they receive. They must not purchase as a guest either as this will invalidate the scheme.


Once you have invited them the page will show them in the table above. It will also show whether they have signed up on our site, and more importantly whether they have purchased and met the minimum spend criteria.


Your Active Balance will show how much reward we have credited you with, less what you have spent from this balance. This is the net amount you have available to spend.


You redeem this amount in the shopping basket, on the right hand side below the discount code and voucher code sections. It should show you the amount you have available to redeem. You must be signed in to see your balance.


Terms and conditions

  • Only one £5 credit will be issued per customer that you successfully refer
  • Referred customers must spend over £10 before the reward will be issued. This can be over more than one order (i.e. total spend, not on a single order)
  • The order from a referred friend must be genuine and may be subject to review. Any order deemed to be fraudulent or irregular will be have the reward removed
  • Customers can only be referred by one person
  • Friends will only be successfully referred if they follow the unique URL link provided on your Referred Friends page. This cannot be changed so please ensure that they follow the link provided when they register with us.
  • No referral reward will be given if the friend purchases as a guest customer. They must also be registered as a customer when purchasing.
  • The friend must be a new customer to our website (i.e. they cannot already be a customer as this will not meet the criteria).