Schneider Corry correction pen
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Schneider Corry correction pen

Schneider Corry correction pen
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Handy pen for erasing ink
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This pen can erase most washable blue ink from fountain pens and rollerballs. Write over the top with a ballpen - no more messy crossing out!

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In the art of Calligraphy, colourfast ink is used. The nib is dipped into the ink to write. The ink used is Pelikan Brilliant black (4001) or blue. Can the Corry pen be used to erase this black or blue ink as well? I purchased a Corry pen today and the white tip did not erase the blue ink on the opposite side of the Corry pen. It merely smudged the ink and faded it lightly. Does this mean the product is old or is this the result one can expect?

Question submitted by: T Bester on: 2016-08-30 17:06:02

Bureau replies: Corry pen will only work on washable blue ink... The way these work is that they remove ink with white tip and blue tip is a correction pen which can be used to write over erased part.

Answer submitted by: Mishka on: 2016-09-02 13:04:35

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