Staff Picks

See what the Bureau Direct team is currently enjoying using - July 2016


  • Dominic

    Dominic's Choice

    LOQI Shopping Bag

    The ultimate in Every Day Carry! I carry mine around with me tucked discreetly in the bottom of my bag, and when I need a spare bag to bring home something it's there. Add in that they are great, bold designs and these really are a must-have in these days of 5p carrier bags. After all, only 140 carrier bags and it's paid for itself...

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  • Jo

    Isaac's Choice

    TWSBI ECO Transparent Fountain Pen

    A new arrival to Bureau that unfortunately sold out within hours of it going on the site (there’s plenty more to come though!), the TWSBI ECO caught my eye with its unique design, and the fact that it was such an affordable piston fountain pen meant I had to have it. Since then I haven’t been able to put it down, not only does it look amazing, with the barrel filled with whichever ink you like (I recommend Herbin Anniversary for the gold flecks) but it writes like a dream.
    With some good paper I find myself writing things just for the sake of using the pen, sentences seem to drag on and on until I just start writing gibberish. I’ve never spent more than 30 or 40 pounds on a fountain pen but this is by far the smoothest I’ve ever had. A 10/10 product that every fountain pen user should try, it will definitely become the one pen you want to keep with you wherever you go.

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  • Mishka

    Riikka's Choice

    OHTO Horizon Needlepoint

    Being a relative new comer to the world of stationery I am rapidly learning what I like (and what I don’t), and the OHTO Needle-point Horizon pen gets a definitive thumbs up.
    I have always been a fan of mechanical pencils but in this I have found the perfect pen for me that writes much as a mechanical pencil would with clean, sharp lines thanks to the 0.7mm needle point. The push button mechanism makes a most satisfying “pop” (apologies to everyone around me… I’ll stop playing with it now!) and the pen feels comfortably balanced and sturdy in hand. 
    It is also beautifully designed and comes in a great selection of metallic colours. After much consideration I chose the orange one and am now busy planning which other colour(s) I must to have!

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      • Faisal

        Mishka's Choice

        Field Notes Snowblind Edition

        I didn't have to think long what to choose for everyday carry :) Field Notes Snowblind has been in my bag since the day one. I love the pure white cover, it is very visible and easy to find in the bag. The cover does change from white to blue under UV light. I took it to the mountains and it worked amazingly well. That said, it is mostly white in cloudy London :)

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      • Pawel

        Faisal's Choice

        Green A6 Rhodia R Pad

        These things are great. I have a few of these strategically placed in various jacket pockets and rucksacks so that I always have something handy if I somehow manage to forget my "proper" sized notebook when I am out and about. I love the colours they come in to, so vibrant and fresh. Green is my favourite but all the others come a close second. Not to forget, the Rhodia paper is always a pleasure to scrawl upon :P

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      • Pawel

        Pawel's Choice

        Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook

        Field Notes plain notebooks have served me well as pocket sketchbooks while studying, but I've taken the opportunity to use the EDC-themed staff pcik this month to upgrade my materials. I immediately noticed the high quality of the workmanship, the book has a solid feel to it with a great thread binding for the pages, and it's very happy to be laid flat open. The 165gsm acid-free paper feels lovely to sketch on, and handles ink pens such as the Faber-Castell PITT pen like a champ. I've not had an oppurtunity to try Copic markers on this paper yet but with recent improvements to its absorbing qualities I'm more than confident this little book will handle it! 

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  • Faisal

    Des' Choice

    Lamy Al-Star Rollerball - Graphite

    I chose this pen as I was drawn to its’ functional design and graphite finish which also matched a notepad I bought some time ago,

    Usually, I prefer ballpoint to fountain pens and was immediately pleased with my choice once I started writing. It felt comfortable to hold, wrote well and felt well-constructed. Overall I would recommend this pen and would not hesitate to buy as a present for a friend or loved one.

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