In need of some ideas? Our Inspiration page is here to guide you on all the best ideas, and how to find the right stationery for your needs. From the finest Italian chic to classic French designs, you’ll find the perfect pieces of stationery at Bureau Direct, so whether you’re browsing for yourself, or for the perfect gift for a friend or relative, there’s a vast array of stationery on offer to suit your writing needs, from a variety of well-known international brands.

A selection of the best of what's new and some of our classics from before. A page of what makes Bureau 'Bureau'.

  • diamine

    Gorgeous metallic-shimmer inks

  • nuuna glow

    Stunning books that glow in the dark

  • herbin ink

    30 amazing colours - we love this ink for its range of beautiful colours

  • palomino pencils

    New to Bureau for 2015 but already a classic

  • ohto smile clips

    Amazingly popular little clips for everyday use

  • moleskine

    All-time classic notebook with a cultural heritage

  • biella

    One of the original Bureau items, and still going strong. It's the nice waxy finish and the cool grey colour we love.

  • vintage

    Amazing value range of slightly retro exercise books

  • artoz

    Over 50 colours of paper, card and envelopes, ideal for invitations

  • paperways city

    Pretty little sticky notes with a 'city' theme

  • rhodiarama

    Over 10 colours available in these wonderful notebooks

  • original crown mill

    Really beautiful writing paper sets

  • herbin set

    A best-selling set of the Herbin pen and a choice of 3 tins of ink cartridges

  • leuchtturm

    Very popular alternative to the Moleskine notebook, with a great range of colours

  • opera

    Excellent value range of 120gsm paper envelopes in bright colours

  • lamy safari

    What to say? The best-selling Lamy pen and it's obvious why. Great pen, bright colours, cheap price.

  • rhodia hamper

    The best-selling of our hampers has a selection of top Rhodia items

  • semi kolon

    Give your desk a makeover with this smart modern desktop range. Other colours available

  • coccoina

    the nearest stationery gets to food - this almond-scented glue is heavenly. If you like almonds!

  • cow

    Unusual envelopes, in a range of natural finishes. This has a cow-print theme

  • herbin

    Cute little tins of 6 universal ink cartridges in a choice of 20 colours

  • papelote strap

    A strap that keeps your book closed and keeps up to 5 pens ready for use

  • buckle files

    An old favourite has returned. Simple, cheap, stylish.

  • herbin 1670 ink

    An amazing success and hugely popular ink with gold particles