Taroko Tomoe River

Taroko Tomoe River


Discover the amazing Tomoe River paper

Taroko notebooks are imported from Taiwan and use the famous Tomoe River paper. At just 68gsm this paper defies what you normally believe about paper quality, that the heavier the better. It can handle ink as well as any heavier paper with no feathering or bleed through.


The key benefits of Tomoe River paper are:

  • As good if not better at handling ink than other paper including 90gsm paper
  • Very thin - at 68gsm this is almost 25% less paper than other top brandage and page numbers
  • Thin paper means a lighter book with more pages. Win-win.

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Find out more about Taroko notebooks and Tomoe River paper

You can discover a lot more about Taroko notebooks and Tomoe River paper by reading Mishka's series of blog posts - part one is an interview with Steven from Taroko, part two is her look at the Taroko notebook range, and part three was a wonderful study of the Tomoe River paper used in these notebooks.