TWSBI Eco Spare Nib + Feed
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TWSBI Eco Spare Nib + Feed

TWSBI Eco Spare Nib + Feed
TWSBI Eco Spare Nib + Feed The feed before the nib is positioned Position the nib into the recess on top of the feed
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Replacement nib and feed for the TWSBI Eco fountain pen


Spare nib and feed for your TWSBI Eco fountain pen

If you already have a TWSBI Eco fountain pen and want to swap the nib size then this is the simple and easy way to do it. Just select which size nib you want and you will be sent a replaement Eco nib and feed.

To replace the unit, simply grip the nib on your pen firmly around the base (close to the barrel) and pull away from the barrel. The nib and feed should pull away easily. Fit the new nib onto the new feed - it should slot into a very slight recess on the side shown in the photos on this page. Hold the nib and feed together and position the feed so that it slots back into the barrel using the projecting connector.

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