How to use your gift vouchers / e-vouchers

You may have been the lucky recipient of some e-vouchers as a gift or similar, or you may just have treated yourself or be in the process of buying them for someone else. This short guide is an attempt to explain how to use the voucher codes.

  • Each voucher has a set value, which was set when the voucher was purchased. This amount cannot be changed once purchased.
  • The code you have is unique, and will last until the voucher is fully redeemed.
  • At any point you can check the amount left on your voucher code/s by visiting the My Account section (top right of the website) and then go to Gift Card on the My Account menu (or follow this link -
  • To redeem your voucher code you must go to the shopping basket before you checkout. Here you will find a Gift Vouchers section where you enter your voucher code and apply it. To avoid spelling issues you can copy and paste the code in if you want.
  • This will apply as much of the voucher code as is needed to cover the value of your shopping basket.
  • If your basket is worth more than the code then you will need to pay for the balance by credit/debit card or paypal.
  • If the basket is less than the voucher then you will find the balance of your voucher will remain as a credit and you can check this using the method above. You can redeem the balance on a future order.
  • You can redeem multiple voucher codes on one order.
  • You can use any discount code you might have as well, at the same time. Your voucher code will then just be used to pay for the reduced basket value.

If you have any problems or questions on any of this just contact us and we will help you from there.