Wooden Postcard Creations - 9cm Pig
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Wooden Postcard Creations - 9cm Pig

Wooden Postcard Creations - 9cm Pig
Wooden Postcard Creations - 9cm Pig Wooden Postcard Creations - 9cm Pig

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Wooden Postcard Creations - 9cm Pig


These are amazing wooden models from the forests of Finland, assembled from a flat-pack postcard. Choose from several beautiful designs including birds, trees and the Moomins. This postcard features a single pig in pink wood which can be easily assembled from the push-out wooden pieces. The card comes shrink-wrapped with an address label and is suitable for posting (we've tested it) so makes an excellent gift.  In fact it is something of a gift and card in one!


Key features:

  • Post-friendly wooden postcard
  • Shrinkwrapped and with address label
  • Postcard size is 140mm x 90mm
  • One pig can be made from model - 9cm
  • Made from sustainable Finnish wood


What we like about this item:

  • Clever and different
  • The easiest gift to send through the post

Here in the Bureau office we have had a go at assembling them and, they are not too diffcult to make (harder than a Kinder Egg, easier than Ikea furniture was the verdict). Younger children might need adult help. As regards posting, we sent the Snufkin postcard through the post and he arrived in perfect condition.

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